What is semi-permanent mascara?

The semi-permanent mascara realized our dream to have doe eyes and a look perfect 24 hours 24. With this new technique, there is no need to wear makeup eyelashes in the morning, and even of struccarle the evening. Great for our appointments without having to touch up your make-up!    

How long does the treatment semi-permanent mascara?

"As the hair, the eyelashes are born, live and die. And when they die, they fall taking away the mascara ".Ecco because it will be necessary to return to a new application every 3/4 weeks.

How do I keep the treatment semi-permanent mascara?

It 'a product easy, no maintenance to do. But we must avoid for the first 12 hours to wet the lashes, while for all the time necessary to avoid the cleansing oil, or biphasic.


Stylashes emipermanent mascara
Semipermanent mascara1 Mascara semipermanente Stylashes
Protein remover1 Protein Remover Stylashes
Remover1 Remover
Microbrush100 Microbrush
Mascara brushes100 Spazzolini mascara tondi
Straight tweezer1 Pinzetta dritta Stylashes
Paper tape1 Nasctro carta
Giada stone1 Pietra di giada
Bellows1 Soffietto
Silc Patches24 Patches in seta per mascara semipermanente


 mascara semipermanente